List of Korean Historical Dramas of 2016

Scarlet Heart Reyo

2016 was a busy year for Korean historical dramas, or sageuks. Some of the most popular K-dramas in 2016 were sageuks – including Six Flying Dragons and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Continue Reading →

Best Dramas: Remembering The March 1st Movement


Every March 1st, South Korea observes Independence Declaration Day known in Korean as “Sam-Il Jul” 삼일절 .  This day commemorates and honors the men and women who died during the March 1st Movement (3-1운동) or Mansei Movement 만세 운동.   The Continue Reading →

A Male’s Guide To The Best Korean Historical Dramas


I’ve come across comments in the blogosphere suggesting that Korean dramas are mainly for women and that Korean dramas are unmasculine. Say what!?!? This couldn’t be further from the truth!  In fact, Korean Continue Reading →

Bibimgirl’s List of the BEST Sageuks EVER (aka: Best Korean Historical Dramas)

Moon Embracing The Sun KimSooHyun

UPDATED: December 2016 I have been asked a lot as to what are some of the best Historical Korean Dramas (HKD). There are really so many! I decided to make a list Continue Reading →

Jeong Dojeon (Drama)

JDJ - cover

Jeong Dojeon 정도전 is a 2014 50 episode KBS Daeha Drama that tells the story of the events leading to the downfall of the nearly 475 year old Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392) up to the founding Continue Reading →