A Male’s Guide To The Best Korean Historical Dramas


I’ve come across comments in the blogosphere suggesting that Korean dramas are mainly for women and that Korean dramas are unmasculine. Say what!?!? This couldn’t be further from the truth!  In fact, Korean Continue Reading →

List of Monarchs – Goguryeo

# Name Hangul (Hanja) Period of reign Personal names  Drama(s) 1 Dongmyeong 동명성왕 (東明聖王), 동명왕 (東明王) 37–19 BCE Jumong 주몽 (朱蒙), Chumo 추모 (鄒牟), Sanghae 상해 (象解) Jumong 2 Yuri 유리왕 Continue Reading →

List of Monarchs – Baekje

# Name Hangul Hanja Period of reign Personal name Relationship Note  Drama(s) 1 Onjo 온조왕 溫祚王 18 BCE – 28 CE Founder and first king of Baekje stepson of Dongmyeong (Jumong) Continue Reading →