Jang Young­sil, The Greatest Scientist in Joseon


Jang Young Sil 장영실 蔣英實 (alt spellings: Jang Yeong-Sil) Born: 1390 (Speculative) Died: sometime after 1442 (exact date unknown) As Seen On TV:  100 years before Nicolaus Copernicus, lived one of the WORLD’s greatest scientist and astronomers, Jang Continue Reading →

Min Young-Ik 민영익


Aristocrat, Statesman, Scholar, Artist Min Young Ik 민영익 (閔泳翊) Born: 1860 Died: 1914 (54 Years Old) As Seen On TV: Min Young-Ik was a progressive statesman, scholar and artist towards the Continue Reading →

Hwang Jin Yi (Person)


Hwang Jin Yi or Jini 황진이 (also known by her giseang name of Myeongwol 명월 which means “Bright moon”) Born: 1506 (speculative) Died:  speculative dates range from 1546 – 1567 As Seen Continue Reading →

Jeong Dojeon (Drama)

JDJ - cover

Jeong Dojeon 정도전 is a 2014 50 episode KBS Daeha Drama that tells the story of the events leading to the downfall of the nearly 475 year old Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392) up to the founding Continue Reading →

Jeong Dojeon (Person)

Jeon Dojeon 정도전 鄭道傳 , also known as Sambong 삼봉 三峰 (1342 – 1398) was the First Prime Minister of Joseon, which he helped to found.

Jeong Dojeon 정도전, 鄭道傳, 1342 – 1398), (also known by his pen name Sambong (삼봉) Born: 1342 Died: October 6, 1398 (57 Years Old) As Seen On TV: Sambong was the founder of Joseon and its Continue Reading →

The King’s Face

The King's Face

The King’s Face 왕의 얼굴 is a 23 episode KBS2 drama that takes place during the reign of 14th King of Joseon, King Seonjo (1552-1608) who reigned from 1567-1608.  The drama Continue Reading →