Badass Mammas of the Three Kingdom Period


Here’s my list of the Top 5 Most Badass Women of Korea’s Three Kingdom Period as seen in sageuks. Let me preface this list by saying that this list includes only REAL WOMEN whose lives were recorded in at Continue Reading →

Gojoseon 고조선 (Pre-Three Kingdoms)

Before we go down too deeply down the Three Kingdoms, here’s a quick run down on even more ancient history as it will be referenced in several of dramas such Continue Reading →

Han Commanderies 한사군 漢四郡 (Pre-Three Kingdoms)

Han Commanderies 한사군  漢四郡 was set up by the Han Chinese after the fall of Winman GoJoseon in BC108 as a way to keep the people under its control. The Commanderies Continue Reading →

List of Monarchs – Goguryeo

# Name Hangul (Hanja) Period of reign Personal names  Drama(s) 1 Dongmyeong 동명성왕 (東明聖王), 동명왕 (東明王) 37–19 BCE Jumong 주몽 (朱蒙), Chumo 추모 (鄒牟), Sanghae 상해 (象解) Jumong 2 Yuri 유리왕 Continue Reading →