List of Korean Historical Dramas of 2016

Scarlet Heart Reyo

2016 was a busy year for Korean historical dramas, or sageuks. Some of the most popular K-dramas in 2016 were sageuks – including Six Flying Dragons and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Continue Reading →

Choe Yeong

Choe Yeong - Faith

Choe Yeong 최영 崔瑩 Born: 1316 Died: 1388 (72 Years Old) As Seen On TV: Choe Yeong was a general and hero in Goryeo in dramas such as Faith, Jeong Dojeon and Six Flying Dragons. (Full Continue Reading →

Jeong Dojeon (Person)

Jeon Dojeon 정도전 鄭道傳 , also known as Sambong 삼봉 三峰 (1342 – 1398) was the First Prime Minister of Joseon, which he helped to found.

Jeong Dojeon 정도전, 鄭道傳, 1342 – 1398), (also known by his pen name Sambong (삼봉) Born: 1342 Died: October 6, 1398 (57 Years Old) As Seen On TV: Sambong was the founder of Joseon and its Continue Reading →