Jang Young­sil, The Greatest Scientist in Joseon

Jang Young Sil 장영실 蔣英實 (alt spellings: Jang Yeong-Sil) Born: 1390 (Speculative) Died: sometime after 1442 (exact date unknown) As Seen On TV:  100 years before Nicolaus Copernicus, lived one of the WORLD’s greatest scientist and astronomers, Jang Continue Reading →

Jang Bogo 장보고 – The Emperor of the Sea

Jang BoGo 장보고 張保皐 (also known as: GongBok 궁복(弓福) ) Born: 787 (Speculative) Died: 841 (Speculative- 54 years old) As Seen On TV:  Jang Bogo is famous for establishing Korea’s maritime dominance in East Asia by essentially owning Continue Reading →