Han Commanderies 한사군 漢四郡 (Pre-Three Kingdoms)

Han Commanderies 한사군  漢四郡 was set up by the Han Chinese after the fall of Winman GoJoseon in BC108 as a way to keep the people under its control. The Commanderies lasted until they were absorbed and eventually conquered by Goguryeo, the successor state of GoJoseon.

  1. Naklang (Nanglang) Lelang Commandery (樂浪郡, 낙랑군, BC. 108 ~ AD 313)
  2. Imdun Lintun Commandery (臨屯郡, 임둔군, BC 107 ~ BC 82)
  3. Hyundo Xuantu Commandery (玄菟郡, 현도군, BC 107 ~ AD 302)
  4. Jinbeon Zhenfan Commandery (真番郡, 진번군, BC 107 ~ BC 82)

Nangnang/Lelang Commandery 乐浪: Located at ‘Joseon County’ (Near modern Pyeongyang). Remains of the city were found in the southwest of Pyeong’an Province. Divided into 25 administrative regions. Lelang fell to Goguryeo in 313,

It is believed that the Kingdom of Nangnang 낙랑(樂浪) which fell to Gorguyeo in 32 under King Choe Li 최리왕, was formally a part of the Lelang Commandery.

Imdun/Lintun Commandery  临屯: Located at 日+施 Shi County (today’s Weonsan 元山, North Korea), merged with Nangnang under Han Zhaodi in BC82. 15 regions.

Hyundo/Xauntu Commandery 玄菟: During the reign of Han Wudi, located at the city of Woju 沃沮 [this is sometimes mentioned as ‘Okjeo territory’] in the northeast of the peninsula (今朝鲜北道镜城). During Han Zhaodi, it was moved to the ‘city of Koguryeo’ 高句丽城 (on the eastern banks of the Liao), then moved again during the reign of Andi of the eastern Han to the ‘Labor Park’ in modern Fushun. Xuantu eventually fell to Goguryeo. 3 regions.

Jinbeon/Zhenfan Commandery 真番: Established at Zha 霅 County, the location of which is unknown. Administrative area went west to the Xada Mountains 哈达岭 in present-day Jilin Province, east to the Changbaishan, and southeast to the Yalu River. Zhenfan was abolished and merged with Lelang. 15 regions.