Korean & World History Comparative Timeline 역사 연표

Here’s a visual timeline I created to understand the various kingdoms in Korea and how it correlated with the various Chinese dynasties. Since this is a site dedicated to the Three Kingdoms Period, as you can see in the timeline, there were LOTS of different dynasties in China during that same period. Depending on which dramas you’re watching, the English subtitles might use the generic term “Chinese” or “China” while others might specify the dynasty such as Tang or Qing, etc.  BTW – I personally hate it when generic terms are used, I think it insults the viewers intelligence.

Now even when they do specify the dynasty in the subtitle, I came to realize that often times the Korean names for the dynasties differ from the English names, which are derived from the Chinese pronunciation. Some are the same such as “Tang” or “Han”, so even if they use the generic term “China” it’s clear that they’re in fact referring to Han. Others such as Qing, pronounced as “Chung” in Korean, or Ming, “Myung” in Korean, are less obvious when you’re watching a drama and the subtitles simply says “China.”

I then decided to take it another step further by adding a world timeline to understand what was going on in the world during the various kingdoms. Since to this day, we are not taught Korean history in American schools, I thought that adding a timeline of major world events and people might help put more perspective when looking at the Korean history timeline.

Click directly on the timeline which will open up a separate tab with a higher resolution version. I apologize in advance for my limited graphics skills.  Please enjoy and share. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Here’s some links to more Korean History Timelines which go into greater depth into specific topics throughout Korean History.