Three Kingdoms Drama List

삼국 (三国) 시대 역사 드라마 (사극)

Below is a list of Korean Historical Dramas (Sageuks) that take place during the Three Kingdoms Period in chronological order. I’ll be sure to update as new dramas come along that are within this time period.
If you’re looking for a full list of all sageuk, here are some amazing pages with comprehensive list of sageuks. The list I love the best is from The Talking Cupboard (sweetheart of a blogger and super dedicated!). Korean Wikipedia Drama Page (sorry it’s only in Korean) and the Community Wall section of the Sageuk Channel on
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Three Kingdom Period Dramas Kingdom(s) Featured King(s) Time Period
Jumong 주몽 Goguryeo 고구려, Buyeo (Puyu)부여 Jumong of Goguryeo, Geum Wa (금와)of Buyeo(부여) 37 – 19 BC
The Kingdom of the Wind 바람의 나라 Goguryeo, Buyeo, King Yuri, King Muyhul, King DaeSo of Buyeo 4 AD – 28 AD
Ja Myung Go (Princess Ja Myung Go) 자명고 Nakrang (낙랑군), Goguyeo King Muyhul of Goguryeo 15 – 37 AD
Kim Soo Ro 김수로 Gaya, Silla 신라 King Suro 수로왕 (? – 199) 1대 20 – 50 AD
King Geunchogo 근초고왕 Baekje 백제Goguryeo 고구려 King Geunchogo 근초고왕 (346-375) 13대, Sayu 사유 16대 고구려 341 – 375
The Legend 태왕사신기 Goguryeo 고구려  King Gwanggaeto 384
King Gwanggaeto the Great 광개토태왕 Goguryeo 고구려Baekje 백제 King Gwanggaeto 광개토왕 19 (391-413), King Asin 아신왕 17대 백제  374-412
The King’s Daughter, Su Beak Hyang 제왕의 딸, 수백향 Baekje 백제 King MuRyung (무령왕), 490s – 523
Ballad of Seo Dong 서동요 Baekje 백제, Shilla신라 King Wideok위덕, King Mu 무왕 (SeoDong) 30대 Baekje, King Jinpyeong 진평왕 신라 approx 575-610
Queen Seon Duk 선덕여왕 Silla신라 Queen Seon Duk 선덕여왕 27대; King Jin Pyung 진평왕; 606-647
Gye Baek 계백 Baekje백제, Shilla신라 King Mu 무왕 (SeoDong) 30th King of Beakje , King Uija 의자왕 31대 607 – 660 AD
The Great King’s Dream (aka: The King’s Dream) 대왕의꿈 Silla신라 King Taejong Muyeol (604-661, reigned 654-661) 661
The Great Hero/Yeon Gaesomun (연개소문 Goguryeo 고구려 598 -666
Sword and Flower 칼과 꽃 Goguryeo 고구려 King Young Ryu of Goguryeo approx 640 to 668
Dae Jo Yeong 대조영 (大祚榮) Goguryeo 고구려Balhae (발해) King Bojang 보장왕 28대 Dae Jo-yeong 대조영 1대 645- 719
The Emperor of the Sea (Hae Shin) 해신 (海神) Unified Silla General Yi Sa Do* (이사도) approx 800 – 840