Jumong (주몽)

Jumong-arrowDrama: Jumong (주몽)

aka: The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Jumong 삼한지-주몽 편 (三韓志-朱蒙篇)

Drama Info: MBC 2006; 81 Episodes

Time Span of Drama: 108 BC – 19 BC

Drama Synopsis: This story is about Jumong and how he became the founder of Goguryeo in 37 BC.

Drama Plot:  Gojoseon 고조선 has fallen to the Han Empire of China and all that is left are separate city-states.  Jumong was born, the son of star-crossed lovers General Hae MoSu and Lady YuHwa. He was raised by King Geum Wa who took him and his mother. SoSeNo was a the daughter of a wealthy merchant who shared Jumong’s dream of restoring Gojoseon by uniting the dispersed tribes and regaining the lost lands. This would ultimately lead to birth of the Kingdom of Goguryeo.

Kingdom(s) Featured in Drama:

  • Goguryeo 고구려
  • Buyeo (Puyu) 부여

Featured King(s):

  • King Dongmyeong 동명왕 (Jumong) of Goguryeo (58 BC – 19 BC, r 37 BC – 19 BC) ¹
  • King Geum Wa 금와 of DongBuyeo (East Buyeo)
  • King Hae Bu 해부루 (? – 60BC) of BukBuyeo (South Buyeo)and founder of DongBuyeo

Other Real Historical Figures Featured:

  • SoSeoNo 소서노:
  • Prince DaeSo 대소: Son of King Geum Wa; future and last king of DongBuyeo
  • YuHwa 유화: Mother of Jumong and concubine of King Geum Wa of Buyeo
  • HaeMoSu 해모수: Legendary father of Jumong.
  • Woo Tae of Buyeo 부여우태: Husband of SoSeoNo; biological father of Onjo,the first king of Baekje. According to some sources, he was the illegitimate son of  King Hae Bu
  • Prince Yuri: second King of of Goguryeo  ¹

Historical Details:  King Dongmyeong (동명왕) whose given name was Go Jumong (고주몽) was born in 59 BC. Here is what we DO know or are pretty certain of: he was born in Buyeo and his mother was YuHwa. He was raised by his step father, King Geum Wa and his step brother was Prince TaeSo. Although both the Samguk Yusi and Samguk Sagi say his father was HaeMoSu, it doesn’t make much sense from a timeline perspective. Hae MoSu was the founder of Buyeo and the grandfather of GeumWa. In addition, there is absolutely no mention of HaeMoSu in the Gwanggaeto Stele, even though there’s a detailed record about Jumong. It is believed the Samguk Sagi created the story as a way to incorporate Buyeo into the founding myth of Goguryeo.


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