Samguk Sagi 삼국사기

Samguk Sagi 삼국사기 三國史記

samguk sagiSamguk Sagi also known as “Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms” or “The Historical Records of the Three Kingdoms” is a historical record of the Three Kingdoms of Korea: Goguryeo ( 고구려 高句麗), Baekje (Paekche 백제 百濟) and Silla ( 신라 新羅). The Samguk Sagi is written in Classical Chinese (the written language of the literati in traditional Korea) and its compilation was ordered by Goryeo’s ( 고려왕조 高麗王朝) King Injong (인종 仁宗, r. 1122-1146) and undertaken by the government official and historian Kim Busik 김부식(金富軾, 1075 – 1151) and a team of junior scholars. It was completed in 1145. It is well known in Korea as the oldest historical reference of Korean history.

Much of what we know about can be traced back to the Samguk Sagi. However, as with a lot of historical writings, the writers were also plagued by personal biases and opinions and were influenced by current political situations of the day which can sometimes skew the facts.