Han Commanderies 한사군 漢四郡 (Pre-Three Kingdoms)

Han Commanderies 한사군  漢四郡 was set up by the Han Chinese after the fall of Winman GoJoseon in BC108 as a way to keep the people under its control. The Commanderies Continue Reading →

List of Monarchs – Goguryeo

# Name Hangul (Hanja) Period of reign Personal names  Drama(s) 1 Dongmyeong 동명성왕 (東明聖王), 동명왕 (東明王) 37–19 BCE Jumong 주몽 (朱蒙), Chumo 추모 (鄒牟), Sanghae 상해 (象解) Jumong 2 Yuri 유리왕 Continue Reading →