Goguryeo 고구려

Goguryeo 고구려 – 37 BC – 668 AD


Three Legged Crow 삼족오 of Goguryeo 고구려

The land of Goguryeo was mountainous, which made it difficult for agriculture. This constant threat of starvation meant that there was little luxury, and created a hardened and sturdy people, skilled in hunting and raiding. As a result, the country became a military might to be reckoned with. In its roughly 600 years of existence, Goguryeo will challenge its neighbors, bring down the last of the Han Commanderies, and even be responsible for the fall of Han dynasty.

Here’s a list of dramas set in Goguryeo:

  • Jumong – 주몽
  • The Kingdom of the Wind – 바람의 나라
  • The Legend – 태왕사신기
  • King Gwanggaeto the Great  – 광개토태왕 (廣開土太王)
  • The Great Hero (aka: Yeon Gaesomun) – 연개소문
  • Sword and Flower – 칼과꽃
  • Dae Jo Yeong – 대조영 (大祚榮) (Balhae Kingdom)