Upcoming Historical K-Dramas for 2017

Based on the success sageuks had in 2016, 2017 is shaping up to big year with plenty of Korean historical dramas, aka sageuks, already lined up.  Here’s a sneak peek at all the dramas in the pipeline for 2017. I haven’t seen any upcoming news for KBS’s Daeha drama series for 2017, so I’m very curious on what that will be. If anyone else knows, please comment below.

The following dramas are listed in order by anticipated AIR DATE and is based on available information as of this moment and is subject to change.

1. Hwarang: The Beginning (currently airing)

hwarang-2016Native Title: 화랑: 더 비기닝 hwa-rang duh be-gi-ning 
Air Dates: Dec 19, 2016 to Feb 21, 2017
Network/Episodes: KBS2 20 Episodes
Overview: Drama series depicts the story of Hwarang (literally “Flowering Knights”) – an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla. The story takes place during the reign of King Jinheung of Silla 진흥태왕 who reigned from 540 AD – 576 AD.
Other: Check out the page on this site for a closer look at the real history of Hwarang.


2. Saimdang, Light’s Diary

saimdangNative Title: 사임당, 빛의일기 sa-im-dang bich-ae-il-gi
Air Dates: Jan 25, 2017 to May 2017
Network/Episodes: SBS 30 Episodes
Overview: The biographical series will chronicle the life and career of Shin Saimdang, a famed Joseon-era artist and calligrapher who lived in the early 16th century.
Other: This is a highly anticipated “come back” drama for Lee Young-ae, who played the leading role in the much loved drama, Dae Jang Guem (Jewel in the Palace). The official photos are absolutely stunning! It was originally slatted to air in late 2016, but got pushed out to 2017.

3. The Rebel Hong Gil Dong (alt: The Thief Who Stole The People)

hong-gildongNative Title: 역적: 백성을 훔친 도적 / Yeojeok: Baek-sung-eul Hoom-chin Do-juk
Air Dates: Jan 30, 2017 to May 2017
Network/Episodes: MBC, 30 Episodes
Overview: Set during the reign of famous tyrant King Yeonsangun, it tells the story of Hong Gil-dong, the illegitimate son of a nobleman who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, and his journey in becoming Joseon’s first revolutionary activist. Other: As of now no promotional shots have been released. This is the cover of the book, which I highly recommend.

4. My Only Love Song

my-only-love SongNative Title: 마이 온리 러브송 / Ma-i Onli Lu-beu-song
Air Dates: Feb, 2017
Network/Episodes: FNC Entertainment/Web Drama
Overview: Fantasy youth historical drama that will air as a web series beginning in February. My guess is they are hoping for the same success as Splash Splash Love, which also was a web series.



5. Ruler: Master of the Mask (alt: Monarch: Owner of the Mask)

Native Title: 군주: 가면의 주인 / Goon-joo: Ga-myun-ae Ju-in
Air Dates: March or May, 2017
Network/Episodes: MBC, 20 Episodes
Overview: According to itechpost.com, The story revolves around a struggling crown prince who fights for something during 1700s Joseon. On the other hand, the female character would be the one seeking for revenge against the prince but would eventually fall in love with him.

6. My Sassy Girl

엽기적인 그녀2Native Title: 
엽기적인 그녀 / Yeob-gi-jeok-in Geu-nyuh
Air Dates: May, 2017
Network/Episodes: SBS, 16 Episodes
Overview: This drama is a small screen adaptation of the 2001 film “My Sassy Girl,” but with a historical twist. Set in the Joseon Dynasty period, a romance takes place between cold-hearted Gyun Woo and Princess Hye Myung who causes troubles.

7. The King Loves

Native Title: 왕은 사랑한다 / Wang-eun Sarang-han-dah
Air Dates: TBD 2017
Network/Episodes: MBC, TBD Episodes
Overview: Based on a novel, this drams will take place in the Goryeo era and depicts the love and desire of the three men and women. According to the latest news reports, there is still no air dates, but they are targeting the “first half” of 2017 and filming has already begun.

8. Bride of the Water God

Native Title: 하백의 신부 / Hae-baek-ae Shin-bu
Air Dates: 2017
Network/Episodes: TvN, TBD Episodes
Overview: As of now, I am not sure whether this will take place in a historical setting or modern setting. This drama is based of of a comic series. According to MydramaList.com, a water god named Ha-baek demands that he receives a female sacrifice each year from this one village as part of a messed-up deal he had going on with his dead former beloved. One year, the wrong girl is sacrificed. Eventually, hijinks ensue, and the water god and the girl end up falling in love.

We hope there will be even more to come! Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

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